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Why is Business Travel Feedback so Important For Travelers And Their Agents?

August 16, 2017


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YYZ Travel Group considers feedback to be mutually important (to both travelers and advisors) for creating successful collaborations in the future. Here are some reasons why:

1 – When you write a testimonial describing your travel experience, it is important for your memories to be fresh, so you can recall with certainty the particulars of what was excellent and what was not.

After a season or year, you simply cannot remember those details, and it will be difficult to make your feedback as precise as it would have been right after the trip.

Your opinion is very important for a travel agency to improve its services and for a professional travel advisor to take your views into account when making future arrangements.

2 – You should share your feelings not only as partners in travel planning, but also as friends and colleagues!

That is what we call a sincere relationship with our customers. We do not consider the people who come to us for help as just clients; we think of them as our friends. So, we are interested not only in tour packages and hotel preferences; we try to know our customers better as people.

A travel advisor knows a lot of things about numerous destinations, but to create your ideal trip, s/he needs to learn more about you and your personality.

Then, s/he can use that knowledge to select the proper hotel room with fantastic views, or to recommend the best excursions and activities for you.

3 – Through your feedback, an agent will be able to understand your preferences, to see what was great and what could have been organized better.

It is very important to know what type of traveler you are: if you prefer accommodations with cozy ambiance and high-level services, or you like to spend most of your time away from your resort/hotel area; whether you love animals and nature, or you get truly excited by various artistic performances and cultural exhibitions.

Sometimes these factors become evident only after a trip, so be prepared to uncover unexpected personal features.

4 – While talking about a recent trip, you can discuss future travel plans and the agent can start to prepare something amazing taking your previous experience into consideration.

There are so many important details in corporate evaluations that they should definitely be discussed soon after a trip.

A Travel to Malaysia A Complete Information For Your Trip

Probably, Malaysia tops the list of the countries that provide almost every amusement a tourist adds in his bucket list. From diverse biology to gorgeous archipelago, everything is available to entertain all sorts of travel enthusiasts. Those, who like to see the entire world, always add Malaysia at the top of their wish list. Before traveling to this country, it is better to have a look around so that you can make the most out of your visit without any hassle.

Information regarding Malaysia

The information regarding Malaysia is based mainly on the peninsular part of the country. It can be extended only if you have a better knowledge and time to spare. Below is the list of places to visit in this country.

Kuala Lumpur

Every list or the itineraries start with the capital city. The amazing skyscrapers, delicious cuisines, exotic hotels, and beautiful views will take your breath away. It is recommended to use certain promotional codes like Expedia promo code in order to bring down the expenses in the capital.


When you want to soak yourself in the culture of the country, Penang is the best place to do so. You can enjoy hiking in the National Park, spend a marvelous sunset on the famous Bate Ferranti Beach or scale the Penang Hill to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the city.


This is the archipelago in the Andaman Sea where the tourists visit to enjoy the aquamarine colored sea and the tranquility of the islands. Enjoy the stay and the tax-free booze in this beautiful landscape. The hotels here offer cheaper rates than the mainland hotels.

Cameron Highlands

This is probably the best hill station in the South-Eastern corridor of Asia. The lush green valleys of tea plantations on the hillsides will give a breathtaking view. Every single stop will seem like an attractive tourist destination.

Taman Negara

If you are up for a wildlife view, trekking in the jungle, hiking challenging routes, climbing the rocks, camping, and fishing in the beach then Taman Negara is the ideal place for you and your buddies. You can also enjoy cave exploration and cruises in the sea here at a low cost. The color of the sands and the sea water contrast each other to provide an awesome view. Due to the relaxing atmosphere, visitors often extend their stays here.

Pulau Kapas

Looking for an exotic yet remote location? Try Palau Kapuas. The island has great resorts to chill with the lightning fast internet connection. You will be able to explore the underwater life in this location. This island is considered as one of the Malaysian Gems.

There are many other options to visit in this country. Before booking the tickets, hotels, and resorts, remember to find the Expedia promo code and coupons to considerably bring down your expenses for the trip. You can rent a car or take a bus to the local destinations. Do your homework and make a full-proof best itinerary and pack your bags for a memorable journey to the phenomenal country.