How To Make Moving Feel Like An Adventure

August 16, 2017


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When you are planning to move to another place, be it a short move or long distance moving, you might get worried about how the entire family will react. Your spouse will surely understand but there can be conflicts that root from jobs that must be given up and new jobs to be found. There are many possible reasons for your move and a big factor why most people move are new jobs. It only gets somewhat complicated when you have a family. The children won’t want to be uprooted from their school and your spouse may not be so willing to give up his or her current job to move – trying to find a new job could be challenging.

When you have not-so-happy campers with you on your long distance moving scheme, you just need to convince the entire family to give the idea a chance. One way you can achieve that is to make them feel that long distance moving is a huge adventure!

Here are some ideas that you can use to tempt the family into becoming happy campers on the move. You can always customize these ideas to fit your current situation.

1. Convince your spouse with a prospect of a new job

If your spouse is reluctant to move because of the risk involved in giving up his or her job, you can offer to help them find a new job at your new place. Better yet, do your research and compile a list of job vacancies that might appeal to your significant other. Especially if the offers are better than his or her current position, they would be thrilled to be on your long distance moving bandwagon in no time. It’s always better to secure your new jobs first if possible. Calgary is a popular place to move, so if you are moving to Calgary, find Calgary jobs first if you can.

2. Find something along the interests of the kids

If it’s the kids that are reluctant about long distance moving, find a piece of cheese to dangle against their noses. You can find something in your new place or new neighborhood that are related to their hobbies and interests. For instance, if your son is into hockey, you can talk to him about a cool hockey team in the new city. If your daughter is into ballet, you can talk about a famous dance school that she can attend after your move.

3. Involve everyone in the long distance moving plans

Planning everything by yourself can get pretty stressful anyway. Making sure the entire family takes part from the planning stages of your move until the household movers you hired unload your stuff at your new place. You can get them to design their own room and even pick up their new stuff. The kids will love it!

There are many other things you can try to make long distance moving fun for the entire family. Be creative! The key is in being sensitive to your family’s needs and wants.